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The Wealthsimple Workplace Savings Program

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A registered account for whatever your plan members choose to save for. Powered by Wealthsimple’s advanced administration platform.



Drive excitement, 
not just engagement

Enrolment that makes sense

We don’t believe in asking plan members to choose investments. We ask what they’re saving for and how they feel about risk in simple, plain language. Then we build them a portfolio of exchange-traded funds that evolves as they get closer to their goal.

Take advantage of the industry’s most advanced customer experience technology and best-in-class educational materials, both proven to drive action among Canadian consumers.

A next-level plan member experience

We get money right

Most members pay a management fee
below 1%, thanks to our portfolio of 
exchange-traded funds.

Low fees

Easy enrolment

The member-friendly, fully digital process determines each plan member’s risk tolerance: Growth, Balanced or Conservative. No more default fund.

Once a member’s risk tolerance is determined, they can choose from three themes: Standard, Socially Responsible and Halal.

Diversity plus

Members enjoy an intuitively designed integration of their group and retail holdings that includes free tax-filing functionality. Our financial wellness materials are the best in Canada.

The works


Real people, 

real help

Professional advisors are available to 
members, to talk about their savings in terms
they can understand.

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Focus on your employees, not administration

Friction-free plan transfers

We make a great first impression. You can count on dedicated resources for plan members, administrators and your original carrier to ensure a smooth onboarding process. You’ll be informed of our progress every step of the way. And your people will have easy access to our professional advisors and customer-experience team.

Put data issues behind you by integrating your HR and payroll systems with ours. We accommodate Ceridian, ADP, Workday, BambooHR, Rippling and others. If you undertake a merger, acquisition or workforce change, we’ll commit dedicated resources to help.

Our average matching plan adoption rate is more than 80%. Even among non-matching plans, we’ve delivered a 35% rate. Canadians love saving with Wealthsimple. Our most recent customer satisfaction score is 90.

No more manual updates

Measurable results

Partner with the investing platform your people already know and love.

3 million Canadians
and counting

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Get in Touch

Tell us about your company and your team and we’ll be in touch.

Invest in your 
employees' future

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Wealthsimple was an easy choice for us given the transparency around their low fees and the amazing customer service provided. The onboarding was simple and quick, which our finance department loved. Providing a GRSP to our employees was a no-brainer after talking to Wealthsimple.


Our experience with Wealthsimple was phenomenal. The process from transitioning our employees from our previous provider to onboarding all our employees to Wealthsimple was absolutely seamless! The platform is super user-friendly, and our employees LOVE the simplicity and efficient portal.”


We really appreciated Wealthsimple's willingness to let us hold off on matching contributions for now — things can change very quickly for a high-growth company like ours and it was really awesome to have hassle-free help from Wealthsimple to help us pivot in this regard. Getting our employees set up with automatic withdrawals from their pay was an excellent phase 1 for our program. We've had great enrollment so far and a lot of interest from employees.


What types of Group Savings Plans do you offer?

We administer Group Registered Retirement Savings Plans (GRSP Accounts).

This account type allows sponsors to offer access to tax-efficient, employer-sponsored group savings for their members.

What size plan is Wealthsimple best suited for?

We work with clients of any employee size. The Wealthsimple platform is suitable for small-, medium- and large-size employers. Our services are robust and fully scalable.

What fees do you charge for a Group Savings plan?

Employees pay less than 1% for most Wealthsimple portfolios, compared to the industry average of anywhere from 1.5% to 2.5%. For a detailed breakdown of all portfolios and to see what rates your employee might pay, speak to us today.

There are no hidden fees for transfers, withdrawals or account changes. Better yet, we will cover the cost of any transfer fees charged to your employees when you move an existing plan to Wealthsimple.

What’s the onboarding process like?

Once you’ve decided on Wealthsimple as your partner for Group Savings Plan services, we send over an agreement via Docusign. Once that’s signed, your admin team will go through a comprehensive training session. Our teamwill walk you through the platform, teaching you how to set up, access and update employee information. As soon as you’re comfortable using the platform, we’ll invite the rest of your organization to join your Wealthsimple Workplace Savings Program.

If any of your employees are already Wealthsimple clients, they can connect their new group plan to an existing account. For those new to Wealthsimple, they’ll be invited to answer a brief questionnaire (less than 10 minutes) to best assess which portfolio matches their needs.

How well are Wealthsimple portfolios performing?

Based on each member’s enrolment questionnaire, they will have been placed into a portfolio type based on their risk tolerance level (Growth, Balanced or Conservative) and preferred theme (Standard, Socially Responsible or Halal). You can view the performance history of these portfolios below.

How easy is it to transfer an existing Group Savings Plan from another provider?

Very! We do this all the time.

To transfer an existing group plan, send a termination notice to your current provider (cc’ing Our team will take it from there, coordinating with your provider to transfer your plans over to Wealthsimple. This process takes 4 to 6 weeks.

What employee resources do you make available?

Wealthsimple offers a variety of resources to help educate your team on the fundamentals of investing — and we’re working hard to add more resources regularly. Just let us know if there’s something you’d like to see.

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