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A modern group retirement fund that lets your employees invest in cryptocurrency while managing risk.

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Canada's First

Group Retirement Fund

with Cryptocurrency

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What is a crypto ETF?

A cryptocurrency exchange-traded fund (ETF) is similar to a “regular” ETF in that it also lets someone invest in an index or basket of assets, except that a portion or all of that basket is made up of digital tokens (or cryptocurrencies). That means you can buy a single crypto fund on the stock market and get exposure to the price movement of cryptocurrencies while also holding other, more traditional retirement assets within the same account. Cryptocurrencies cannot directly be placed in a registered account, whereas crypto ETFs can, which is why we include crypto ETFs in these retirement funds.

What portion of an employee’s retirement fund will be invested in the crypto ETF?

Up to 3% of the retirement fund deposits will be invested in crypto ETFs, depending on the risk level you choose. You can see how much cryptocurrency is in your account at any time by looking at your holdings information in the app or desktop platform. If the total value of cryptocurrencies declines below that amount, we will allocate more of the employee’s subsequent retirement deposits to cryptocurrencies. However, we will not sell other existing assets in the portfolio to buy more cryptocurrency should it decline in value. This is a part of managing the risk and ensuring that, even if the value of cryptocurrencies declines severely and permanently, employees who choose this portfolio will still be able to reach a good retirement outcome.

Is this a riskier investment strategy than “regular” retirement funds?

Yes, cryptocurrencies are riskier than regular retirement funds because they have a wider range of potential outcomes. They can also appreciate and depreciate in value quickly. This is where Wealthsimple’s expertise comes in. We have designed risk management technology that’s customized for cryptocurrency’s unique features as an asset class and our institutional investors work to mitigate risk by sizing the cryptocurrency position within the ETF. This combination of technology and financial expertise means that even if employees see extremely bad long-term cryptocurrency returns, their total retirement assets won’t be affected too much.

What exactly is your approach to risk management within this portfolio?

We’ve customized our unique approach to risk management within this fund so it’s specific to the fluctuations of cryptocurrency. Wealthsimple will only fund crypto purchases with a small percentage of deposits. We also won't sell stocks to buy more cryptocurrency if the price declines, which helps you maintain a good retirement outcome regardless of cryptocurrency’s long-term performance. Instead, we cap the overall crypto risk and take profits if it appreciates rapidly. This allows you to capture the unique opportunity for returns, while managing the risk.

Who would be interested in having a crypto ETF allocation in their retirement portfolio?

Employers may find that many younger employees are eager to get into crypto investing, as well as informed investors who already have some knowledge and experience in crypto markets. Offering this unique benefit is a great way to both attract and retain this top talent, as well as allowing them to invest thoughtfully in their future.

Why is Wealthsimple adding this portfolio to their offering?

We’re expanding our portfolio offering with this crypto fund because many Canadian workers are more excited about investing in crypto than investing in a traditional retirement fund, due to the potential upside of this transformational market. We are always looking for ways to help more Canadians invest for retirement while managing the risk of investing so this was a natural next step.

Introducing the Cryptocurrency Investing portfolio for Wealthsimple Work. Building on the success of our Socially Responsible Investing and Halal portfolios, we're introducing Canada's first group retirement fund with an allocation of cryptocurrency ETFs. Get employees excited about investing for the future with a modern benefits package that lets them invest in cryptocurrency while managing risk.

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